When It Comes To Hair Removal There Are Many Options – Which Is For You?

Posted by Tiffany Weekes
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Every woman faces the tricky issue of hair removal – and choosing the wrong type often comes with many implications. There’s more choice than ever these days, which makes it even harder to make the right decision for you and your skin! We’ll take you through some of the most popular hair removal techniques there are out there to help you make your decisions:



Shaving is definitely the oldest trick in the book! It can be effective but it is not without its drawbacks. It can cause irritation and rashes, and because the hair is blunt at the end the hair can grow back stubbly. A good thing about it though is that because the hair never disappears altogether the risk of in-growing hairs is significantly reduced. If you choose to shave, then always use a good quality new razor, along with proper shaving cream, foam or gel. Be careful not to nick yourself along the way – and if you do just pop some antiseptic cream on the wound to stop it getting infected.



Not for the faint-hearted this one! But if you can tolerate the pain then waxing is a great way of removing hair. It’s particularly good for sensitive areas such as armpits and bikini lines. You can buy home waxing kits but this can get sticky and messy – you’re best off going to a beauty salon where they can do a proper job. They will coat the area in hot wax and use strips of fabric to whip the hair out. In-growing hairs are a downside to waxing; however this can be overcome with regular exfoliation and the use of a natural antiseptic such as witch hazel gel.


Laser Hair Removal

This method zaps hair at the root, effectively killing it off. It’s a non-surgical procedure and it’s not painful (although some people say it is a little uncomfortable – it depends on your pain threshold!). It’s a way of permanently removing hair from an area – but it will take 6-8 sessions to make sure the job is properly done. It is expensive, but once the hair is gone, it’s gone, so there will be no need to spend any more money on the area ever again! If any hairs are missed you can always go back for a touching-up session. After it has been done the area might feel a little tender but this won’t last long.


Whichever type of hair removal you go for, it’s important to take care of the skin. Make sure you exfoliate regularly, followed by a good quality moisturiser. The area you are removing hair from will be a little sensitive for a few days so you need to take good care of it. Avoid swimming for 24 hours after any treatment as chlorine can aggravate tender skin.


Hair removal is a necessary part of everyday life (unless you want to go au natural!). Face it head on and experiment with different techniques to find the best one for you. It may take some time but it’s worth it to be hair-free!


Today’s guest author, Ron Peters, is an inventory manager at D&A Dermatology, a clinic for skin care in Chicago. He is an ace pianist and plays the piano in various restaurants in his spare time.



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