It’s Cholesterol Stupid: How To Lower Fatty Deposits

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The number of times that I write down the term ‘helps lower cholesterol’ in articles means my hand almost has muscle memory when scribing the phrase. We all know that bad cholesterol of the LDL kind causes all sorts of heart and circulatory issues and eventually leads to heart disease and stroke – not ideal.

Obviously, lowering cholesterol is part and parcel of a healthier lifestyle, but let’s be more specific and look at the things that directly impact on it.



The most obvious thing and one you most likely are aware of already. Eating the right sort of fats will help lower cholesterol; it’s almost an irony isn’t it. Fats from almonds and avocados are known as HDL fats and reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood. This fat can also be found in salmon and flaxseeds among other fish and nuts.


Low GI Carb

Foods that are high on the GI index generally also are low in HDL cholesterol, meaning most of them don’t get the benefit of this chemical. Switching from a diet that’s high in bread, pasta and other high GI foods for one with beans and wholemeal will help lower cholesterol and balance sugar levels too – great for keeping them full. Fibre helps as it ensures you don’t eat as much LDL filed foods and is generally only found in healthier fare.



The simple ones are the best and exercise is a sure fire way to impact positively on cholesterol levels. High intensity exercise raises the HDL level and in turn lowers cholesterol. This HDL chemical removes cholesterol to the liver where it is broken down or excreted. HDL levels are impacted upon by only half an hour of moderate exercise a day, meaning most of us can lower it with exercise with only a little bit of effort.

Of course, being aware of the levels is the best way of knowing how healthy you are and there are numerous factors that mean even the most unlikely of us have cholesterol problems – so get checked.



What doesn’t it do? Smoking raises cholesterol levels through the lowering of HDL levels. Stub it out and quit and not just for cholesterol reasons – we don’t have to go into it do we?Even switiching to a cheap e-liquid e-cig may help with these heart issues as they don’t tend to have all the issues full cigarettes have.



This is another major factor in cholesterol levels and if you find yourself in a stressful situation then try and chill. Otherwise HDL levels are lowered. Exercises such as yoga, meditation and others can impact positively on these levels and prevent issues in the long term.


Cholesterol is a slow killer but one that we have to be aware of, so eat the right foods, educate yourself about it and we implore you to take a cholesterol test.It’s important to do so as otherwise you may end up with a significant issues sooner or later.


Derek Devlin has written for a number of health magazines in his time. He has switched to ecigs. He loves being active and getting out and about. 



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