Dress Up Smart And Be The Cynosure Of The Occasion

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Men today are equally conscious about their looks, and take care of their grooming as women do. There are more choices for men available today, in terms of the looks they can sport. There are numerous occasions when being dressed smartly, is extremely important to reflect the right personality. This could be an interview, a meeting, conference, a wedding and many other such events. All of them have an etiquette which needs to be followed. Hence making errors like being shabby or too formal, choosing the wrong material or colour can all make you look bad.


Figuring Out The Invite

Now before you decide what to wear for an event, you need to figure if there is a dress code. More often than not the invite will mention this. For e.g., the black tie- this is pretty much straight forward and the colours are limited to black and white. In case the invite does not mention the dress code then ask, the host ideally a few days before the event. If you are unable to ask the host, then check in with other people who are attending regarding their choice.  Finally if you are left with no option then choose clothes which can be dressed down or up with the least effort. Removing or wearing a tie, and leaving the collar open can help you dress down or dress up for an event.


Tailored Suits

Dressing up in a suit gives you a very formal and authoritative look. It leads people to associate with you qualities like intelligence, confidence and trust in you. It lets people know you are serious, and can be expected to deliver.  However, the flip side is if you choose an ill-fitting suit you will kill your first impression right from the start. The joy of a suit is that it can be worn almost anywhere and everywhere, while labelling you stylish.


So choosing the right suit is important, as you will be the very few lucky people on whom, off the rack suits look stunning. Plus getting a suit tailored can sometimes end up costing less than a store brought suit.


Make Chinos Your Business Casual

Many work places and events require a dress code of business casual. Typically that would mean a pair of jeans for most people. However, if you want to stand out of the crowd while adhering to the dress code Chinos are the best option. They imitate the look and style of a suite without being a suit. Selecting a navy & camel chinos are the safest options that will work with all kinds of body wear. The cut should be slim but not skinny. There are different styles of chinos available, which can suit the occasion you are dressing for since they are so versatile. If you can get the correct cut and style, you can wear any chino into a statement outfit.


So if you pay attention to the occasion, then being the cynosure of the any occasion can be fairly easy. A well thought out wardrobe can make a drastic change to your personality and make you more confident.


Today’s guest writer, Gisele Hawkins, likes writing fashion related post. She is an image consultant and a fashionista. She suggests men to try chinos as they make a person look athletic and stylish.



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