You Need Physiotherapy Even When You Think You Don’t!

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“A stitch in time saves nine”, “Precaution is better than cure” and many more proverbs like these play their part in passing on nuggets of wisdom to us. Sometimes, the best of us find ourselves in situations that make us regret in retrospection. Nature has amusing ways to send us some signs. It is in our hands to understand those signals when the time is right. Otherwise, we find ourselves with just regret on our hands. Likewise, it is important to not ignore the signs that your body sends you. Often, we overlook things that we think are too small to be paid attention to, only to regret doing the same. It’s better to take precaution and care while you can. Given below are some situations that warrant contacting a physiotherapist even when you don’t think you need one –


Have You Sprained Your Ankle or Hurt Your Knee While Playing?

These kinds of injuries happen when you are playing or moving around and are often overlooked as they don’t show visible signs of damage. However, they are best not ignored as they can possibly lead to something bigger. Physiotherapists have told to assist in swift and better healing of these injuries. These injuries though might not show any visible damage, they could lead to tissue damage. The physiotherapist can guide you to get proper care and attention so that the tissue isn’t susceptible to more injury.


Are You Planning to Include Running into Your Fitness Regime?

Running is an effective complete body workout with many advocates preaching its benefits, understandably so. Something that every running advocate must have told you is that a great pair of running shoes is a definite investment. It is said that most of the running injuries are caused due to avoidable reasons. No matter what the store sales person tells you, they aren’t the best guides to choose the right pair of shoes. You need to consult a physiotherapist for the same. A physiotherapist will check your foot condition and will guide you accordingly.


Are You Expecting a Baby and a Back Pain Too?

Don’t! The back pain is not a part and parcel of expecting your bundle of joy. Don’t let an avoidable back pain ruin those pleasurable and blissful nine months of your life. A trained physio is the one you should turn to at this moment. Ligaments loosen up at this moment and the pelvis shifts. Wrong muscles try to even this out and cause the pain. The physio can guide you with respect to the precautions you should take and what are the correct exercises you can do without causing any harm.


Have You Been in an Accident?

Any kind of trauma, even the slightest kind, can cause soft tissue damage. Even if you don’t see any visible scars, it is better to get checked to avoid any lasting effect of possible and hidden injuries. Most of the physiotherapists work with chiropractors and other health care professionals which will enable you to have a well rounded care.


These are few instances wherein a physiotherapist guide you to a painful and healthy living. There are many instances like this one where in timely intervention can go a long way in reducing the future effects of any kind of hurt or trauma!


Today’s featured writer, David Jones, is a professional footie player. When he’s not playing, he spends his time writing about health and fitness. He believes a physiotherapist can play a key role in improving the performance of any athlete.



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