You Love Taking Drugs, But How Is It Affecting Your Loved Ones?

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You might think your drug addiction is the best thing in the world. You can’t live without snorting something up your nose or injecting something into your arm. As soon as you get high you don’t need to think about anything else and all of your worries disappear. When you come back down to earth you don’t like it, so you take more drugs to feel great again. It’s a vicious cycle, but at the moment you might enjoy it and you don’t care about anything else.


Even though you’re destroying your life you can’t see it and you maybe don’t care. Do you care about the effect it’s having on your family members? Do you care what they think when you don’t come home at night? Do you wonder what they’re feeling when you lie in bed all day? Do you think your addiction could be affecting them in a negative way? Let’s take a closer look and you might discover a few things your family are going through right now.


Unbearable Stress

Can you imagine what it must feel like to know someone you love might die? You have to watch them turn their life upside down until they don’t even have control over it anymore. The person you love won’t have anything left and sooner or later they will end up in serious trouble. That is what your family members are going through at the moment. They are dying inside, but you can’t see that because you don’t want to see it. You just don’t care enough.


Lost Trust

Would you trust someone who was high on drugs all the time? I bet you wouldn’t want your child anywhere near them. You would be scared to leave them alone with your baby because anything could happen. When you wanted to make plans you would have no idea if they would turn up. If they turned up would they cause a lot of trouble? After a while the people who care about you the most will start losing their trust for you and that is such a shame.


Suffer Financially

Drugs are not cheap. They don’t grow on trees and if someone has a habit they need to get the money from somewhere. You might have a job at the moment, but how long will you be able to keep it before your boss gets fed up with you? Then you will waste your savings until you finally need to start asking your family for money. They won’t be able to say no if you are being threatened over an unpaid debt. You might also resort to stealing from them.


Feeling Unsafe

Go out at the weekend and walk down the street. You will see a lot of people high on drugs and they will be causing all sorts of trouble. When someone is high they don’t even know who they are or what they are doing. Your family definitely won’t be able to feel truly safe in your presence. Are you the normal person they know and love, or are you the crazy person who will turn around and hit them? Everyone deserves to feel safe, especially around family.


Changing Behavior

If you have any children you will neglect them. You can’t take drugs and look after them properly. They might start to act out at school because they are under so much stress at home. They might get into fights because they see how violent you become when you have taken something. Once people have to start acting in a different way their behavior will be affected and when a family member is on drugs it’s usually in a negative way.


This post was written by Nancy Anderson; she is a dedicated employee of New Awakenings which is an established cocaine addiction rehab center. She thinks that being able to serve and help others is one of the best things about her work.



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