The Vampire Look Is Out – It’s Time To Get Your Tan On!

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A fake tan is the quickest way to a healthy look – fool people into thinking you have been on a luxury holiday (when actually you have just been working!). It’s a lot safer than actual sunbathing too – the sun’s rays are notoriously harmful and there is a direct link with overexposure to the sun and skin cancer. Then there are the effects of the sun’s rays on your face – you will get far more wrinkles while you are still young if you don’t cover up and use a cream with a high SPF. Because of all the bad press that sunbathing attracts, more and more people are giving up on real tans altogether and they’re opting to fake it instead!


There are many ways you can get a fake tan that looks genuine and classy. Have a read through our guide and decide which method may be best for you:


Fake Tan Lotions


Things have moved on a lot from when you used to buy an orange cream in a tube and slap it on like there was no tomorrow. This was disastrous – lots of people went out looking bright orange, and if they got caught in a rain shower or if they started to sweat while dancing an interesting streaked effect would appear! Not a good look.


These days it’s a lot easier. You can buy cream that you rub in – it instantly disappears. Then over time it develops to reveal an even tan with no tell tale marks. You just have to make sure that you distribute it evenly. The more layers you put on, the darker the colour you end up with. It’s pretty risk-free as long as you read the instructions.


Ask a friend or a partner to do your back for you, and make sure you use gloves when you apply it. Take extra care over wrists, hands, knees and feet to make sure you get it completely even.


Spray Tan


You can get spray tans done in most beauty salons these days. You strip down to your underwear and stand in a booth. Then a spray comes in and gives you an all over tan in minutes. It dries really quickly and it’s probably the easiest way to an even tan. It’ll last a long time too.




Sunning salons are still big business. It’s a lot less damaging to lie on a tanning bed than it is to actually lie in the sun. You just strip down and put some goggles on, lie there for a certain amount of time, then turn over and do the same. Regular visits mean you can top up your tan easily, without causing damage to your skin.


It’s really important that no matter which tanning method you use, you exfoliate properly. This is the process of removing dead skin cells and creating smooth skin. This will help your tan stay put for a lot longer and it will make the overall look much softer.


Athena Hunt, a fashion consultant & blogger, shares beauty, fashion and health tips in her posts. Athena works with a popular tanning salon in Mississauga and has contributed articles on many top fashion and beauty blogs.



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