How To Properly Provide In-Home Care To An Elderly Person

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Growing Old in Your Home

A home is the single greatest investment that we will ever make in our lives. When we own a home, we always have a sanctuary from the world to call our own. But as we get older, that same sanctuary can evolve into a dangerous place for one to independently live. However, with that being said, there are ways to keep our homes as safe as possible for as long as possible as we get older.


In-Home Dangers for the Elderly

For an elderly person, what was once a safe home, can suddenly become a place where it is easy to become injured. Believe it or not but as time goes on, the stairs suddenly become steeper than they used to be and floors all of sudden feel more and more slippery. Nothing seems to be like it once was. Thankfully, for those needing extra assistance to maintain an independent life style to continue living in their home, there are devices available to make every person’s home as safe as possible.


Safety Devices that Promote Independent Living

For steep stairs, there are motorized chairs that go up and down the stairs. For that slippery bathtub, there are numerous handrails and grab bars that can be installed. There are non-slip mats that can be placed in the bottom of the tub to prevent falls. A better option is to replace the old bathtub with a bathtub made specifically for the elderly. Walk-in bathtubs are easier to get in and out of and they are twice as safe as any ordinary bathtub.


For Those Living Alone

As we get older, those around us that we love, die or move far away. That makes it hard to stay in our homes by ourselves. There are monitoring services available that allow an elderly person to stay in their home but still have someone that they can call on if there is an emergency and they require assistance. These services can call the police or fire department if needed. This emergency feature allows people to retain independence as they get older, which is nice for those looking for that option.


At some point, more than a monitoring service will be needed. A person may be needed to be present at all times and that is when the services of a home health aide or nurse, can be helpful. Almost every community has companies that can provide this type of help if needed.


With all of the helpful devices and services available today, it can be easier for the elderly to stay in their homes forever if that is what they choose. In some scenarios it may even be cheaper to have an elderly person receive in-home care rather than sending them off to reside and be cared for within a nursing home.


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