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Have you started to find it harder to read the small print in your newspaper recently? Or perhaps you have given up reading in bed because there just doesn’t seem to be enough light in your bedroom. There comes a time for many of us when we have to face up to the fact that we need some reading glasses. This article talks about the signs that suggest you may need some, and how to go about buying that first pair of reading glasses.


How Will You Know?

The signs are fairly obvious to the educated observers, but it takes some time for it to sink in with those of us who have started to find it harder to read. If you catch yourself holding the newspaper at arm’s length, you probably have begun to struggle with reading. It isn’t some kind of embarrassing affliction, millions of people continue to enjoy reading after they realise their eyesight has faded a little, they just accept a little help along the way. The worst thing that you can do is to struggle on with near vision issues and risk damaging your eyes even more. There are some quite funky looking reading glasses on the market, even designer label ones and you shouldn’t have to worry about your personal image suffering. Many celebrities have turned glasses into a sexy accessory, if they can, why can’t you?



Eye Test

If you find that you are struggling with reading, as mentioned above, you should make an appointment to see your local eye specialist. Many of them work out of a glasses retail shop, and some are totally independent, the choice is yours. You will probably be asked to complete several tests and you will be told the strength of corrective lenses that you require.


Glasses Retail Store

Your local mall or shopping centre will probably have a few shops top choose from, and the drugstores usually have their own glasses section as well. Once you are armed with the type of lens power you require, you can go into any of these shops and browse their stock. Look around for special deals and do not be afraid to ask for any advice that you need.


Try Them Out

If you find that the frames that you like do not have the correct strength lenses, ask the staff to see if they can be changed for you. Make sure that you can read properly through the correct strength lens, you may be paying for a stronger or weaker pair with incorrect labelling. Most stores and kiosks will have a reading sample that will allow you to check the power of the lenses. They will tell you where to stand and you will soon find out if the lenses match your prescribed requirements.



Taste is a very personal thing and glasses are no exception to this rule. Try to find a pair that match your appearance and ask for some opinions from the sale staff, they are experts in this field. You should also take the practical nature into consideration and see how comfortable they sit whilst you are reading.


Enjoy Reading Once More

Once you have found your perfect pair, you will probably enjoy reading a lot more. Just remember to take them off when you have finished that book!


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