Top 5 Advantages Of Having A Home Gym

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If you are passionate about health and fitness, you have probably contemplated owning a home gym at some point. Having your own gym at home has its distinct advantages, which sometimes surpass the initial cost involved in setting up one. In fact, you can set up a home gym anywhere in the house. Garages, attics, an extra bedroom, basements or sunrooms can all be turned into fitness centers. It doesn’t have to be very expensive too – with factory seconds, ex-demos, pre-owned equipment and older models, you can save a bundle and still have you dream gym right within the comfort of your home! Here are five reasons why you should consider setting up a home gym.


It Keeps You From Being Lazy

You may find a million reasons to not get your ass up and drive down to a commercial gym. Sometimes it is the weather, at other times it is your children’s homework.  No matter how much exercise you need, you will always find a way to procrastinate if you have to – but not when you have all your fitness equipment right in the next room. A home gym helps you approach your fitness goals with more discipline and consistency.

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It Works out Cheaper

You may think this is hogwash, but when you work out your swank gym’s annual membership fees, it adds up to quite a big amount over time. Now wouldn’t you rather invest this money in buying your own equipment? If you do some research, you can find surprising deals on fitness machinery and some dealers even offer an option of interest free EMIs. Oh yes, working out at home  also saves you money on gas and a hell lot of commuting time.


It is Far More Comfortable

How many times have you entered a gym only to be welcomed by a stinky bunch of people? Indeed, gyms can be crowded places and nothing kills your exercise mood than having to wait for your turn at a machine. With a home gym, however, you get to have your privacy, and standing in queue will become a thing of the past. What’s more, you can wear whatever you want or even go commando if it gets too hot in there!


It Lets You Multitask

If domestic responsibilities have been keeping you from being regular with your workouts, a home gym may be just the answer. Now you can keep an eye on your kids, run the dishwasher, check that roast and even make important calls while inching closer to your fitness goals. If you happen to work from home, you can definitely take a few moments out for the treadmill. How’s that for a healthy break?


It Gives you Freedom and Flexibility

Making fitness your priority can be challenging if you have demanding or unpredictable work hours. Only a handful of gyms in the country are open 24/7 and you miss the bus of you don’t make it on time. Be it outrageously early in the morning or ridiculously late in the night – a home gym is at your disposal whenever you want it, at no extra charges!


Ryan Samuel is a fitness instructor by profession. According to him, safety should be kept in mind before working out on any exercise equipment. He loves to blog about fitness issues during his free time.



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