How To Know If There Are Bed Bugs In Your Baby’s Nursery

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Having a bed bug infestation is like being in a nightmare that never ends. If you’re living alone or with your family, knowing that there are bed bugs lurking in dark corners or inside your furniture and mattress will definitely give you sleepless nights. Not only do these bloodsucking bugs cause skin irritation, they are also very difficult to get rid of. Even if you use strong pesticides, some bugs might survive if they burrow in your mattress deep enough or hide in the deepest cracks in your walls or floors. Furthermore, bed bug eradication often includes washing and drying almost everything – from the smallest sock to the biggest sheet – which are definitely laborious tasks.


Once you discover that your home is infested with bed bugs, you have to employ measures to protect your family, especially your kids. Nothing is more distressing than seeing your toddler’s skin riddled with bite marks. Also, if you have a newborn at home, you need to make sure that she is in a safe environment because she could be allergic to the bite of this kind of bug.


In order for you to better protect your family from the bloodsucking critters, it’s a must for you to always be on the lookout for bed bugs. Also, be sure to find another place for the time being for you and your loved ones if you notice any of these signs of bed bug presence.


1. Your Baby Has Suspicious Bite Marks.

The bed bug has a unique talent. It can feed on a person without waking him up. If you suddenly notice that your baby’s skin has itchy bite marks that are in rows, it’s very possible that a bed bug just dined on your little one the night before. The baby won’t be able to feel its bite because a bed bug introduces a numbing substance in the area where it is going to feed before it proceeds. In addition to that, it injects an anticoagulant too so that the blood will continue to flow for a while as it drinks blood. Many people are allergic to the substance that the bug injects into the body, and this usually causes itchiness and allergies.


Some babies and adults are allergic to bed bug bites. If an allergic reaction happens, the victim must be brought to a hospital as soon as possible. Medical treatment is also required if the bites become very swollen or infected.


2. There are Empty Skins or Shells that Look Pretty Much Like Bed Bugs.

Bed bugs molt or shed their skin as they grow. This is why if there is a severe infestation, molten skins are very noticeable. Skin castings are usually found in mattress seams, corners or cracks. In addition to empty shells, you might also notice white eggs or eggshells, which are only about 1 mm in diameter.


3. There are Tiny Dark Spots on Linen, Beds, or Pillowcases.

If you see very tiny dark spots on surfaces, especially on mattresses, pillows or bedding, then there probably are live bugs. These dark dots are bed bug droppings. Sometimes, these bleed onto cloth or linen too.


4. You See Actual Bed Bugs.

When you see a live bed bug crawling inside your baby’s crib, this will surely make your hair stand on end. Seeing a live bug is a sure way to tell that you have an infestation. So, call a pest control expert as soon as possible.


The article is by Claire Norton, a full-time freelancer who specializes in pest management issues. Her articles have been used by Capital K9 Washington DC and other pest control businesses.



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