Massages Are Great – But Not Always The Answer

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A good massage will cure many aches and pains, and they seem to be more popular than ever these days. There are many different types of massages available and you should really consider having one if you are experiencing muscle aches or stiffness. But a massage is not always the answer for your ailments, and this article looks at some conditions that are better off left alone when it comes to having that soothing massage.



If you have injured yourself and your painful area has become swollen, you should seek medical advice immediately. Getting a massage around that area is not a good idea, the inflammation could be due to a damaged joint, any excessive contact will probably serve to increase the pain and the condition could become more serious. If your skin has become inflamed, and you are not really sure of the cause, do not risk further complications by massaging the skin. You may have contracted a case of dermatitis and this definitely will not benefit from a massage.


High Blood Pressure


Many adults suffer from this condition and it can be very dangerous. The pressure is due to the blood pressing against the blood vessel walls. A heavy massage can affect the blood vessels and add to the already high pressure issues. If you do suffer from this condition you can still receive a massage, but make it a very light one with no excessive weight being applied to your body.


Varicose Veins

These are caused by faulty valves in the vein and can be quite unsightly and sometimes painful. It is not wise to massage the skin where the varicose veins are present, because the excess pressure will worsen the problem and can damage the veins quite seriously. However, if you receive a light massage near the problem area, this can actually help to improve the circulation. You should always massage towards the heart in this situation.



A hernia occurs when an organ is pushed through a muscular wall, and these can be extremely painful and require medical help. If you are tempted to ask for a massage in order to push the organ back into its original place, think again. This can worsen the problem and you are better off getting surgery for this procedure.



124/365: Under the weather in Celcius

We get a fever when our body is working hard to get rid of an infection or foreign body that is in our system. A good massage will improve the circulation of our blood, and applying one when experiencing a fever could spread the infection around our bodies, this would be a very bad time for a massage.


Skin Issues

Our skin can host a large number of problems, a bruise can be very painful and applying a massage will not help matters. Blisters and boils usually appear due to a bad reaction from either excessive heat/contact or an allergic response to foreign bodies. Massaging these afflictions will only serve to spread the issue.


Massages Are Still Good!

Despite these conditions, you can still be confident that a nice soothing massage will usually leave you feeling much better than before. Just double check if you are not sure about any specific aches and pains you may be experiencing.


Chad Gillespie is famous for his neck massage in Melbourne. He concedes that while massages may be great, but they aren’t always the answer to body pain and various other ailments. A voracious reader, he likes to read up on health issues and has a plethora of knowledge.



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