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Our skin is a very tough organ that is sometimes neglected because is rarely gives us any reason for concern. Skin care is not an arduous task and can be catered for with just a few minutes every day. However, once our skin starts to age, it can alter our appearance radically, this article looks at some simple ways we can slow down that process.


Sun Issues


No matter how much you love getting a suntan, you need to be careful when out in the open. The sun can damage your skin like no other source, because it can age you prematurely and possibly cause some serious problems. Skin cancer is no laughing matter and you should protect your precious skin as well as possible. If you must spend time in the sun, please use a decent sunscreen with a SPF of at least fifteen. You should re-apply the protection at least every two hours and every time you return from a swim. Try to stay in the shade between midday and four pm, because this is when the sun is at its fiercest. If you go out on a sunny day, try to cover up with appropriate clothing items. Even if the clouds seem to be shielding you from the sun, you should still take some care.


Smoking Is For Mugs

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t smoke and most sensible people heed this advice. But did you know that smoking is also bad for your skin? As well as stinking up the place, smoking will narrow the blood vessels in your epidermis, the outer layer of your skin. This slows down the blood flow and results in your skin losing oxygen and valuable nutrients. You skin will begin to age prematurely, more good reasons not to smoke. Even the facial expressions that you make when smoking, can cause wrinkles on your skin.


Be Nice To Your Skin

Even if your skin looks nice and healthy you can still give it an extra boost by taking a little extra care of it on a daily basis. Long baths may seem like the ideal way to pamper yourself, but they can have a bad effect on your skin. They remove essential oils from the skin and it will dry out as a result. Try not to use powerful soap agents on your skin, the more simple the better. When you shave, apply a lubricant to your skin before the main process. Always use a clean and sharp razor, otherwise you can tear and irritate your facial skin. Use a moisturizer on a daily basis, try and pick one that contains SPF, this will act as a protective layer on a sunny day.


Eat Well

Healthy eating will ensure that your skin stays young and healthy, get plenty of vitamin C and avoid processed fats. Lots of fruit and vegetables will be good for the rest of your body as well as helping your skin to stay nice and fresh.


The author of this post, Kevin Turner, is a part of the team at SafetyQuip, a company that sells skin cleaning products. He has  a keen interest in health as well as beauty and enjoys sharing his ideas via blogging.



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