Does Having Acne Mean Shaving Off The Beard?

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When teens start to hit puberty facial hair and acne come around the same time.  So, it is hard to decide if one is causing the other.  Is the hair on my face causing the acne?  Simple answer. No.  Hair is actually a vital part of your skin to keep bacteria at bay.  Although, when shaving the facial hair, that can cause more acne.  Shaving over your acne can irritate and shave off the pimples and irritate them more.  It could also be the way you are shaving.


When shaving you want to make sure you shaving against the grain.  You can get a nice close shave and it causes less irritation to the skin.  Sometimes when shaving wrong the skin gets so irritated you will have little tiny white heads later that day or in the morning.  They are not actually whiteheads, but little infections from the irritated shaving technique.


Another way to help shaving with acne is to try condition the face first and setting a warm wash cloth on the face first.  If the hair is very coarse it requires a better razor and could be harder to shave.  When conditioning the skin it softens the hair and face for a better shave that can irritate the skin less.  A warm wash cloth soothes the skin and also softens it.


Finally, make sure you are applying the right amount of pressure when shaving.  Do not push down too hard, let the razor do the work for you.  If you feel you need to press down, then get a better razor.  If the razor is too cheap it will definitely irritate the skin cause infections, which look like acne.


There are special skin routines to better care of acne.  And never forget about moisturizing.  A lot of people think that since the skin is already oily that you do not need to moisturize.  Well, they are wrong.  Keeping the skin moisturized is extremely important.  When you add moisture to the skin, it actually stops the oils from producing on your face.  The skin is just trying to protect itself with the oil, so when adding lotion it stops the oil.  Just make sure you are not putting cheap, fragrance lotion on your face.  Find a lotion with vitamin and minerals in it.


If you find something too strong to start out with it will dry out your face and could cause it to get worse, not better.  If you notice the acne getting worse, either stop completely or try just once a day.


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