Listen Carefully – Taking Care Of Your Ears

Posted by Tiffany Weekes
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Our ears are very important but often ignored. We don’t take care of it like most parts of our body. But you should be treating it like a fragile glass. Imagine your world without hearing. It would be very hard to cross the streets. You won’t be able to hear other people’s laughter. You can’t even dance properly because you don’t know the beat. There are a lot of things which you can’t enjoy.

Before that happens, it is a must that you read this article. It will tell you how to properly take care of your ears.


Don’t Over Clean It

You might have that habit of cleaning your ears with cotton buds. You’re not aware that you are overdoing it. Cleaning your ears deeply isn’t suggested. Earwax can be gross sight. But they are helpful in protecting our ears. It leaves our ears even without using cotton buds. It’s the natural process. Use your facial towels to clean your ears instead.


Clean Your Ear Piercings

Is your ear piercing new? If yes, don’t remove your earing just yet. Wait for the wound to heal or else, bacteria might affect your open wound which will cause infection. You should regularly clean your ear piercings with cotton and alcohol.


Avoid Too Loud Sounds

I know that it’s so much fun to put your sounds’ volume at its peak. I mean, it gets you to dance wildly. But we all know that it will do no good to your ears, right? If you can lower down the volume, then so be it. I’m sure you can still have fun even with softer and lower music.  Also, I have seen a lot of teenagers using earphones and their ipod volumes in full blast. You need to stop that if you care about your ears.


Don’t Insert Foreign Objects in Your Ears

Sometimes, we have that tendency to insert foreign objects in our ears most especially if it’s itchy. Never do that. It might cause permanent damage or injury to your ears. You will regret that.


Get a Regular Check – up

It is important that you visit an ear specialist for check – up. You can’t be sure if your ears are perfectly fine. After all, there are a lot of external factors which might affect your hearing. Just to be sure, consult a professional. This shouldn’t cost a lot.

If you have other suggestions on how to take care of your ears, it would be best if you share it with us by posting your comments. Go ahead and share your thoughts.


Barbara Watson is aware that ears are very important. She knows how to take care of those properly and now she shares her tips with other people. Apart from ear health, she loves writing articles about general health. You might also want to check out her other articles from blog.



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