Satisfaction Guaranteed – 5 Hair Care Tips To Make You Smile

Posted by Tiffany Weekes
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Hair care is a complex thing; it’s not the same for any two people…because everyone’s hair is as individual as a fingerprint. What tames one person’s frizz won’t make a mark on another’s and what makes one person’s shiny will make another’s dull.

That’s why at times we all want fool-proof hair care tips that will make us smile! Healthy, happy hair is something to beam about because when your hair looks good, you feel good!

Depending on your hair length and texture, you will have your own routine for keeping it looking good but if you’re in a rut, or your hair is suffering from the effects of bad weather or over processing, then you may want to look at our five top hair care tips to make your hair smile.


1: The Trouble with Heat…Avoiding Hair Damage

If you regularly use a hairdryer, straighteners, curling tongs or even a sauna then the chances are your hair is feeling the effects. Heat causes the natural oils in our hair to dissipate and also causes the fine “scales” to curl up creating a dry and rough appearance.

It’s not practical for most people to completely avoid using het generating tools on their hair but they can minimise the damage by using a protective serum on their hair before applying the heat.

Avoid heated styling aids if you want your hair to shine!

This creates a layer of moisture which helps to overcome long-term damage and may also help your hair to shine. If you do regularly use hot straighteners or tongs, it’s a good idea to try to avoid them at least twice a week. Give your hair a break and put it up or wear a hat. On these days it’s also a good idea to apply an intensive, deep conditioner to give your locks a little treat.


2: Splitting the Difference…Don’t be Tempted to Break off Your Split Ends!

Split ends look awful; they make your hair appear messy no matter how well styled and the worst thing about them is that they only get worse. If left to their own devices, split ends will carry on splitting until the whole length of the hair is damaged and you end up with a flyaway mess.

The only way to really keep split ends at bay is to have a regular trim…once a month is best but if that’s too often, then once every three months at the very least.


3: Take a Cold Shower and Shine!

There’s nothing like a blast of icy cold water to bring your hair to a glossy shine. The cold water shuts the cuticles on each individual hair which in turn creates a natural shine.


4: Home Remedies for Troubled Tresses!

Your kitchen is full of things which are great for your hair; a glance in an average store cupboard will reveal many hair care treats such as olive oil which is a natural conditioner, vinegar which is brilliant for adding shine to brunettes and even eggs which are a good way of helping damaged hair to feel better.

Hair cuticles magnified: A cold rinse will ensure cuticles lie flat and create more shine!

For an effective olive oil treatment, simply rub a tablespoon of oil through damp hair and allow to soak in for half an hour then shampoo out. You’ll find that your hair is soft and manageable and as long as you rinse well, you won’t smell like antipasti!


5: Keep Hydrated for Healthy Hair!

One of the best ways to keep your hair in tip-top condition is not only to eat a good diet but also to drink plenty of water! Ensuring that you’re well hydrated is one of the best tips ever for ensuring that your hair and skin stay healthy.



Treat your hair as you would treat a fine garment; you wouldn’t iron a fine silk dress on the hottest setting…nor would you squirt it with chemicals and subject it to a heavy clothes brush. Be gentle with your hair and it will show, leaving you with luscious locks.

An article from Lindsay who uses the above 5 tips and the Evo hair care product range to take care of her hair.


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