How To Make Losing Weight Fun (No Really)

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Losing weight is something that many of us say we want to do, but that few of us actually want to do. We might say that we want to lose weight, but in reality what we mean is that we want to have already lost the weight. We focus on the goal of being slimmer, but dread the thought of actually getting there and putting in the work. Is it any wonder then that we so often don’t complete our goals?

The real key to losing weight is to not mind doing it. In other words we have to be more ready to get up in the morning and start burning calories, and more willing to eat healthier snacks. There are a number of ways you can accomplish this (short of brain washing), so here we’ll examine a few of them.


Take Up a Sport or Hobby

Joining a class whether it’s Zumba or martial arts is a great way to lose weight while doing something that brings a smile to your face. You’ll get the camaraderie of getting to attend the class with friends or at least people that you’ll meet there, and when you’re boogying to a track you like you’ll find that you don’t notice that you’re actually getting a workout.

Not up for joining a class? There are ways you can do the same thing from home. Get an instructional dance/martial arts DVD for instance, get a trampoline in your garden, buy a punching bag, or just take up shadow boxing and it can feel a lot less dull.


Still not Feeling it? Two words: Wii Sports.

Give it a Story

Another way to make losing weight less boring is to give it a kind of ‘story’. For instance you can download many apps for iPhone or Android devices that help motivate you to run by creating the sound effects of a zombie invasion. This makes you feel like you’re in an action film and makes it all a lot more engaging – but you could just record your own instructional tape and include shadow boxing into the mix too.


Make a Challenge

Similar is to just come up with some kind of challenge or target for each session. This could mean lifting the most you ever have or running a certain distance. If you’re a competitive type then this can be quite a lot of fun.



Another way to make it more fun to workout is to do more than one thing at once. Many gyms provide exercise bikes with games and web browsers built-in, but just catching up with your correspondence is a good way to pass the time too.


Find Healthy Snacks You Love

A lot of healthy snacks claim they are just as tasty as the naughty ones, but the reality often doesn’t quite live up to the promise. It is possible to find those that do though, you just have to be willing to look. I recently discovered yogurt drinks for instance and I genuinely like them more than chocolate because the texture is so comforting. Once you find something like that, it no longer feels like a chore.


This guest post is contributed by Penelope Jones of Laser Medical Centre. Their clinic specialises in skin whitening, hair removal, weight loss and scar removal in Toronto. She likes giving beauty, weight-loss and fashion tips on her blogs.



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