Four Weird Teeth Rituals That Will Surprise You!

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Teeth are an integral part of facial beauty and nobody wants to or dares to neglect dental beauty. A beautiful smile is appreciated by people around the world. People spend a lot of money to get their teeth looking flawless. We ourselves take care of our teeth a lot; we brush regularly, use floss and also use an antiseptic mouthwash whenever possible. In most popular cultures teeth whitening has become one of the latest trends towards preserving youth and staying attractive. We do this to ensure that our teeth will be healthier and our life happier. But, it’s not the same everywhere; some cultures around the world have different rituals that do just the opposite to maintain their beauty. Here are some rituals that are followed by different cultures round the world.


Shark Teeth

The natives belonging to the Mentawai Island have a strange custom that they follow. When they reach puberty, the female natives file their teeth down to points, using only a rock and chisel. This makes their teeth appear shark-like and is considered beautiful. The people of the island take external appearances very seriously. The natives believe that if a woman’s soul becomes upset with how her associated body looks; the person will grow ill and die. Family pressure, superstitions and the desire to look attractive, causes girls to undergo this excruciating practice.

The Softer, Sexier Side of Mary-Jo


Crooked Teeth

Ever been called a snaggletooth and felt embarrassed? Worry no more, just head to Japan and you will find out that you’re one of the most attractive people. It is considered attractive in Japan to have crooked teeth. Women are said to pay money to have their straight teeth transformed to be crooked and out of place. The Japanese trend of crooking their teeth is known as “yaeba” or “double tooth.”This trend is becoming popular and many Japanese women are opting for dental services to get their teeth out of place!


Tooth Filing Ceremony

Braces & Flower

In Hindu religious ceremonies, the tooth filing ceremony is one of the cruellest.  In the ceremony the tooth of a person is filed down!  In Hindu Balinese belief system, this celebration helps people to get rid of all invisible evil forces. According to their beliefs teeth are a symbol of lust, greed, anger, confusion and jealousy. This custom of filing their teeth renders a person physically and mentally of these traits. This ceremony is a symbol that a person normally female has entered from adolescent to adulthood.


Tooth Blackening

A strangely interesting custom that is often misunderstood is the Vietnamese ritual of tooth blackening or tooth lacquering. The lacquering process can take several forms. In Vietnam it is ration to use red sticklac, a resin obtained from secretions of a tiny aphid-like insect that sucks the sap of a host tree, as a dye.The resin is diluted with lemon juice or rice alcohol and stored in the dark for a few days. It’s then applied with pressure to all the teeth. This lacquer forms a black layer over the teeth after a period of time, thus blackening the teeth. The tradition was almost lost until it has been revived again by the traditional inhabitants of Vietnam.


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