5 Big Fitness Myths And The Reason Why 99% Of Beginners Never Achieve Their Goals

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A lot of people have this huge goal of looking like a cover model and it’s easy for everyone to achieve, but it does take some effort. Just because you will get there if you put the work in doesn’t take away the need to do the actual work and this is where most people go wrong. People don’t want to put in the required effort and they chase these magical beans you always hear about. There are no beans that will speed up your results and the quicker you realize this, the better you will be.

I’ve always wondered why people try to make things too complicated in the hope they will wake up one morning with a six pack and lovely muscles. People forget about the basics and they end up listening to bad advice because it sounds good. I’m not going to lie and say some of the things you will hear don’t sound good, but they are not worth listening to. They are magic beans. Let’s go over some things you would be best ignoring if you want to achieve your dream body in a decent amount of time.

Stuff Your Face With Protein

Do you have any idea how much protein your muscles need to grow? If you listen to some people you’ll be going out and killing a cow every day just to reach your daily target. Think about how babies double their size within a few months and you’ll realize they drink milk. Eating your regular food is sufficient and you can throw in a couple of protein shakes for convenience, but don’t go spending all your money on five whole chickens every day because it’s a waste and you’ll give up when you run out of money.

Cardio is Essential

Cardio is fun and a lot of people do it because they enjoy what it is they do. It can also improve your cardiovascular endurance which is where the name comes from. It’s not called strip-fat because cardio doesn’t strip fat. Burning more calories than you’re eating strips fat and that can be done with cardio, but also weight training, gardening, or even just reducing the amount of food you eat. So please do cardio if you enjoy it, but don’t think it will give you a great body.

Lift Lots of Reps

This is probably a contender for the craziest myth in the fitness world and we can thank the older generation for this. You always hear that to lose fat you need to lift 3 sets of 15 reps, but what does that actually do for you? It improves your muscular endurance, I’ll give it that. If you lift heavier weights in the 3-5 range your muscles will stay the same size and will get stronger, so when you lose the fat around the muscles you will start to see a shape which resembles that of a Greek god.

Train Every Day

Muscles get bigger when you’re resting because they have a chance to repair themselves. When you lift weights you get micro-tears in the muscles and when they repair themselves they grow back a little bigger (for people who don’t want to get bigger you should bear in mind that this will only happen if you’re in a calorie surplus). This is more of a mental thing because you think training every day will help you, but it will actually hinder you.

You Need Supplements

Protein power is great because it’s a convenient way to take some when you don’t have a meal in front of you, but most of the other stuff they tell you to take won’t do much. That isn’t to say they don’t do anything because that isn’t true for all of them, but as a beginner you don’t really need anything to improve your body. If you want to be a bodybuilder who tries to win more Olympia’s than Arnold then that is another matter, but forget about everything apart from protein power until then.

Brad writes about many health and fitness topics at his Workout Journey blog. Brad has reviewed products like Shakeology and P90X on his blog recently.


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