Celebrity Slimdowns and How They Did It

Posted by Tiffany Weekes
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Tabloid papers will excitedly flurry at the whisper that a celebrity birth has occurred. Miranda Kerr, Beyonce, and now Kate Mididleton have all been under the public eye due to the news of their bundle of joy. Most seem willing to discuss their future family, but probably don’t appreciate the scrutiny about their baby weight and how much cellulite their bottom still has!

In order to break the sensationalist prototype, we are taking a look into the dietary methods of these celebs rather than through a superficial lens. Try these out at home – it may help you shed those last kilos that you’re trying to get rid of!


Miranda Kerr

Australia’s sweetheart had her baby and bounced back to the catwalk in a matter of two months post birth. As shocking (and unfair) as this might sound, it’s not just Kerr’s personal trainer or her Victoria’s Secret diet, which keeps her slim and glowing. Kerr swears by her naturopath’s recommendation to eat for your blood type. That is, her blood type-A, matches a rich vegetarian diet that is (obviously) full of veggies, but also allows her to snack on yummy almonds and half an avocado with a pinch of salt. Of course, regular gym sessions were also required to beat the bulge!


Beyonce Knowles

This is one celebrity that has been scrutinised in the media for fluctuating with her weight on monthly rotation. Post-Blue Ivy birth, she admits to hitting the pavement – and hard. Running, squatting and sacrificing those treats were the major commitments she had to make to maintain her toned curves. She also enjoys ‘fartlek’ or interval training where bursts of sprint energy are teamed with brisk walks and jogs in a cyclical manner. Not only does this activity burn fat extremely effectively, but can cut down significantly on gym time as it’s much more efficient than a jog or walk.


Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson has shocked the public by losing nearly 60 pounds after the birth of her child – this equates to roughly 27kg! Simpson combined a diet of lean meats, low fat smoothies and rich, green leafy vegetables, which are some recommendations from her sponsor, Weight Watchers. Of course, you should consult your GP if you plan to substitute meals with smoothies, but these diet days also allow you one to two meals, as well as healthy snacks like apples and yoghurt.

It’s comforting to know that even celebrities need some strong willpower to maintain a healthy weight and their fitness. If you need some inspiration to get off the couch and into the gym, insight into healthy eating, and want to know how a fitness regime could positively impact your life, take a leaf out of these celebs’ books and get your body moving and the veggies cooking – you’ll look fabulous before you know it!


Linda Campbell is a health writer who specializes in articles about how to lose weight. One of her favourite shows is the Biggest Loser – the contestants are incredibly inspiring, after all!



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