How to Find Your True Inspiration in Life, Starting Today

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Inspiration does not simply come on demand. If it did, life would be so much easier. Ask any writer. Most fictional writers don’t wait for inspiration to come to them. If they did, they would write once every week at most, and their writing skills would become rusty and useless.

Those that wait for inspiration to come to them and affect them waste countless hours and days sitting around watching time tick by. If you want to find your true inspiration in life, and want to start today, the first step is simple; youneed to have the initiative.

After all, why should inspiration spend all its time catering to you, when there are so many other people in the world? To find out just where you belong in life, read on.


Finding Where You Fit

Many people spend years wandering around and trying to fit into places that they just can’t seem to work out in. Maybe you are an insurance agent, but what you really love is painting. Or maybe you write in your spare time, when you can squeeze in a few hundred words, and you always wished you could take your writing from a hobby to a career.

Chances are, if you like to do something, you have the means to get good at it. Hard work is the number one key to finding your true inspiration. The muse will not follow you around and tap you on the shoulder, waiting for you to take note; you need to take each opportunity when and where it presents itself, and make opportunities when none arise.


Finding What You Love

What do you like to do? It may not be art; it could be something as simple as going to the gym. If you truly, wholly enjoy going to the gym, and also enjoy helping others to meet their own fitness goals and aspirations, then have you ever thought about becoming a coach, or a personal trainer? Or what about if you love to swim; have you ever considered joining a club, or a team, or doing any events?

Many people tend to overlook what they could do by using excuses such as “I’m too old to start now” or “It’s not a realistic career” instead of admitting that it is hard. Because it is; if finding inspiration, and following inspiration, were so easy, then everyone would have the life and job that they love most, and we would all be exceptionally happy. But, unfortunately, this is not reality. Reality is that most people will hinder themselves and muddle up their chances each time they are presented.


What Inspiration Really Is

Inspiration is not exactly what you think it is. While it can be the exact moment that two parts of some larger picture click, inspiration can also be something as simple and uplifting as seeing someone else overcome a seemingly impossible obstacle.

It can also be made, each day. If you are a writer, create your own inspiration; sit down and write. Don’t make excuses about being tired, or not having the time. Just do it. The same goes for painters, and exercisers, and any other person.

Inspiration is very easy to come across if you make it happen. Finding your true inspiration is allowing yourself to take the ordinary and look at it in an extraordinary new light. Doing this will keep you excited for each coming day, and will allow you to enjoy the days that you have to experience.


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