What are the Benefits of a CrossFit Workout?

Posted by Tiffany Weekes
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A lot of people are talking about the CrossFit training program. CrossFit is essentially a program that prides itself on not specializing. It doesn’t just prepare you for one specific type of physical exertion but is designed to prepare you for any and all activities that life might throw at you. For this reason, many different types of people can benefit from CrossFit, including runners, skateboarders, policemen, military personnel, and elite professional athletes. Consider some of the following benefits of CrossFit.


Varying Workouts

One of the most common complaints that many people have for other workout programs is that they get bored. If you show up at the gym every day and do the same thing over and over, it’s likely that you’re going to loose enthusiasm pretty quick. CrossFit doesn’t have this problem because it constantly changes your workout. You won’t do the same workout twice in six months! Simply check the website each morning and follow the workout of the day (WOD).

Another benefit of the varying workouts is that you will get a more full body workout. Everyone has seen the guys at the gym with huge upper bodies and chicken legs. No one wants that. CrossFit will expose and strengthen all your weaknesses. The constant change of your routine will also keep you’re body from plateau, a common problem for many who go to the gym on their own.


Save a Lot of Time

One of the biggest problems that holds me back from consistent workouts, a problem that I know many of my friends share, is simply not having enough time in the day. Whether you’re a college student trying to well on exams, recently hired at a new job and trying to make a good impression, or busy with family responsibilities you likely don’t have time to spend hours in the gym every day. When life gets busy, sometimes exercise time is the first thing on the chopping block. The great thing about CrossFit workouts is that they only take 20 minutes.



Loading weights

If you’re like me at the gym, you probably waste a lot of time walking around, getting water, or waiting for the machine you want to open up. CrossFit doesn’t allow you to do this. The time you spend working out will be non-stop movement. There won’t be time to take breaks, walk around or talk to anyone. You simply repeat the day’s workout routine over and over within the allotted time period. If you like the gym because of its social element, you’re going to have to save it for before or after your workout.

The intensity of the workouts will help you reach your goals much quicker. When you’re not under a time constraint it’s easy to skip some sets or rationalize not pushing yourself to the max that day. With CrossFit however, your only option is to go all out. As a result, you will see results much quicker.


Paisley Hansen is a freelance writer and expert in health and fitness. She occasionally freelance writes for Six Nutrition men’s vitamins. When she isn’t writing she can usually be found reading a good book or hitting the gym.


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    I have to say crossfit workouts are great! I have been doing them about a year and have never been in better shape.

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