Look After Your Skin Like A Champion In 5 Easy Steps

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Look at your face and decide if you like what you see. As we get older our skin obviously gets worse. You won’t have skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom when you’re prancing around the nursing home, but you can keep your skin as young looking as possible until you get really old. The only way you can do that is by forgetting about anything that can damage it and implementing some things that will keep it looking young and radiant. There’s a good chance you’ll not bother with this because you are still too young to worry about it.


What you don’t yet realize is that the years creep up on you and eventually it becomes too late. Tomorrow always turns into tomorrow and people you went to school with will look almost half as old as you. Let’s now go over a few things you can start doing today and it will be you that looks twice as young as anyone else. Once you get used to looking after your skin it’s almost automatic and you don’t need to think about it. Even if you can start by doing one thing at a time you can prepare yourself to feel great.


Quit Smoking

How did you get into smoking anyway? Were you sitting about one day and thought it would be a good idea to fill your lungs with tar? Everyone knows how much it can damage your lungs, but people don’t care about the damage it does to your skin. You end up looking old before your time and you look yellow. Unless you get slapped by Big Bird you have no excuse to be covered in yellow.


Start Losing Weight Slowly

If you’re overweight your skin might be in a right mess. It’s even worse when you get older because your skin isn’t as elastic anymore and it can’t get tight. When you lose weight it’s not a good idea to do it too quickly. You could end up with lots of loose skin hanging off you. The best chance you have is to do it nice and slow. Try to lose a few pounds per week and you will eventually look great.


Stay in the Shade

There’s a reason why people get sunburn and that’s because your body wasn’t meant to be penetrated by something as strong as the sun. If you do want to lie outside then at least protect yourself the best you can and use cream. Unless you want to look like a leather bag when you’re older then don’t spend time in a tanning studio. That’s just asking for skin damage even if you do wear sunscreen.


Learn to Relax

When you’re always stressed it really affects the skin and it’s something that can be easily avoided. I know the world moves at such a fast pace now and everybody is always running around, but you need to take a step back and let yourself unwind. Start to meditate when you have some spare time at night, or just lie down and close your eyes. Do something that will take your mind of anything that doesn’t give you a happy feeling.


Be Gentle with Your Skin

You don’t want to do anything that’s going to take the oil of your skin all the time and leave it very dry. That means jumping in boiling hot baths. You can still wash, but you don’t need to overdue it. When you wash try using soap that’s not industrial strength because it will do the same thing. Something that’s not so strong will still get you clean and leave you skin feeling great.


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