The Simple Way to Lose Weight AND Eat What You Want

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Losing weight can be tough. Everyone’s tried to diet at some point in their life, but very few succeed. Quite simply, most people are doing it wrong. For years health professionals and dieticians have been giving out the wrong advice. Thankfully, there ARE ways to lose weight while continuing to eat the things you love.



The Sad Facts About Enjoyable Food

Sadly, most of the foods people love eating are high in the things your body needs less of. In other words, those addictive, great tasting treats are normally bad for you. Foods high in processed oils, starches and preservatives might taste nice but they don’t always do your body any good.

Lots of diets recommend reducing the amount of poor quality food in your diet While this works for some, it’s hard to stick to. Giving yourself no freedom when you diet can often lead to disillusion and make you more likely to fall back off the wagon and give up completely.


Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

If you’re sticking to a strict diet, you sometimes need some time “off”. Even if you’ve been cutting your calories for months and exercising a lot – you don’t want to punish yourself too badly. The occasional treat is fine, and it might be just what you need to keep focussed on your goals. Just don’t go on a spree of over-eating at the first sign of a cake. Reducing calories and working out more can work, but you need to be more realistic in your goals so you can stick to a sustainable plan.


Exercise Loads

Ever wondered how professional athletes can get away with eating over 10,000 calories a day? The answer is simple – they burn it off because they do a lot of exercise. Even Usain Bolt enjoys fast food – and so can you if you put the work in. While you’ll still want to keep to mostly healthy foods, most of the time – if you do enough exercise you’ll be able to allow yourself more treats and more periods of overindulgence. It might even get to the point where you’re not eating enough for your body’s needs!


Intermittent Fasting

Popular opinion in the dieting world has said that to lose weight effectively, you need to spread out your calorie consumption into lots of small meals a day. In other words, you’re advise to graze throughout the day. However, in recent years there has been some argument about the success of such a method, and some experts are now advising the opposite. In other words, you can enjoy that one big meal but then don’t eat for a day or so after.


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