Looking Good in Freezing Weather

Posted by Tiffany Weekes
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For a lot of women, winter is the start of their beauty woes. Extreme cold wreaks havoc on their skin and hair and those with sensitive skin may have a hard time keeping the itchiness and dryness at
bay. The good news is, you can still look great even in freezing temperatures given the right beauty products and practices. Here are some beauty tips to keep you looking good all throughout winter:


Moisturize as Often as You Can

Winter conditions are hard on the complexion, resulting to cracked, chapped, or itchy skin. In this  case, lotion and other types of moisturizers are your best pals. Always keep a bottle of lotion with you, especially when you are outdoors. In the biting cold, even the briefest of exposures can dry the heck out of your skin. Choose heavy lotion or creams for maximum moisture. What works for you during summertime may not work in cold weather. You can also use oils as alternative for lotions.

Apply the same rule for your bathroom stuff; put off using facial cleansers and shower creams that are meant for oil-control. They can dry out your skin fast and lead to itchiness. Save this stuff for summer or spring.


Use Humidifiers

If you have super sensitive skin, consider using a humidifier at home. There are portable humidifiers that are affordable and will tide you over till the weather gets better. Humidifiers will help your skin get enough moisture in cold temperatures.

If you are using a heater at home, you have to maintain a balanced temperature. Too much heat can actually worsen dry skin. Set the right temperature that can ward off the chills but still keep enough moisture for your skin.

Avoid Using Products with Alcohol Content

Stuff with alcohol is great for cooling the skin during hot, sweaty days, but the effect is the opposite during winter. Alcohol dries out the skin and strips away moisture, so use alcohol-free products as much as possible.


Don’t Forget the Lip Balm

Cracked, chapped lips are common during the winter and it can hurt like hell if you don’t moisturize your puckers. Always keep a tube of lip balm in your purse so you can easily apply when your lips start to dry. There are beauty oils you can use as substitute for common lip balms.


Take Less Baths and Showers

It may sound icky at first, but think about it – body odor is not prevalent when the weather is cold. Taking too many baths and showers during this time can strip your skin off natural oils that help moisturize the skin. Instead of taking showers daily, you can limit it to once every two days, especially if it’s extremely cold.


Go Easy on the Makeup

Your face oils up less during winter, which means you can give your skin a break by skipping the heavy foundations and concealers that you usually wear. Go low maintenance by using only very light powder and cheek and lip stain as your daily makeup.


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