Must Haves and Dos for Long-Lasting DIY Curls

Posted by Tiffany Weekes
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Spring is here, and what better way to add a spring in your step this season than to wear a crown of curls? Curls add some extra bounce and flirtatious fun to your tresses, making it the perfect hair styling option for spring. But creating curls takes more than just a handful of rollers, especially when you need them to last you the whole day. For long-lasting, effortless, everyday curls you can do at home you need to ready the right products and curl carefully following a few simple guidelines.


Curling Products to Prepare

In the past curling your hair meant going to the salon or wearing a bunch of rollers on your head, both of which took up a lot of time and effort. Nowadays, the best and most convenient way to curl your hair is with a curling iron right at home. A ceramic hair straightener may also be used for curling, but will give less defined, less uniform curls than a curling iron.

There are plenty of curling irons to choose from out there, but the finest ones are often made with ceramic plates. A ceramic curling iron heats up nicely and gives hair an added shine. Babyliss’s ceramic curling irons are a great option especially for first-time curlers, while Wahl’s line of extra small curling irons are perfect for those who travel or need to carry curling irons conveniently anywhere, anytime. Both of these options come in a wide range of barrel sizes and are available online at Sydney Salon Supplies, a Sydney-based supplier of all kinds of hair care products, including hot brushes, beard trimmer and clippers.


Before any curling can actually commence, you must also have a handful of other products besides your trusty curling iron:

  • For those who need added volume and longer lasting curls a good curling or volumising shampoo is necessary, like Moroccanoil’s Extra Volume shampoo and conditioner, and perhaps a volumising spray like GHD’s Style Root Lift Spray.
  • To protect your hair from excessive heat and damage you will also need to apply a good hair protectant, like GHD’s Style Protect Spray.
  • To protect your fingers from accidentally getting burned from the curling iron, you can use heat protectant gloves which usually come free with Babyliss curling wands or can be purchased online.
  • To finish off your curls and make sure they last you the whole day, a good curling spray should do the trick, like GHD’s Style Curl Hold Spray or Moroccanoil’s Curl Control Cream, which keeps curls smooth and defined.


Curling Commandments

The actual use of a curling iron is no rocket science, but handling hot electrical equipment like a curling iron can be tricky. To make sure your curling commences without a hitch, follow these tried and tested tips:

  • Make sure your curling iron is hot enough. Curling irons should be hot enough to give you curls that stay, but not too hot that it will burn your hair within ten seconds.
  • Never touch a hot curling iron. This is a given. Even touching the clamp of the curling iron should be avoided as this can also get pretty hot.
  • Curl in even sections. This will ensure that all strands get sufficiently and evenly curled. Depending upon how curly you want to go, you’ll want smaller sections for smaller, more defined curls and bigger sections for bigger, wave-like curls.
  • Always curl away from your face. Although curling inward or towards your face will produce a similarly pleasant curl, it will also make you more prone to burning your face with the curling iron. Curling away from your face ensures that the hot iron barrel is always away from your face or is already surrounded with your hair the moment it gets close to your face.
  • Keep the clamp closed when releasing curls. Simply pull the clamp down to release your hair. This will result in tighter, more longer-lasting curls.

Once you have the right goods and guidelines down, curls should be a breeze to achieve and will be easy enough to keep for the rest of the season.


Debra Wright blogs about a plethora of topics including ceramic hair straightener in health, beauty and other fields. Wright considers Sydney Salon Supplies as one of the leaders in hair products online.


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