Workout without the Gym: 6 Awesomely Simple Ways to Cardio Your Way to Fitness!

Posted by Tiffany Weekes
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I cannot even begin to describe or count the amount of stress health experts and fitness enthusiasts lay on the importance of cardio. Your bi-weekly or even your annually subscribed magazine, your newspaper and even the pages you search on the internet, will have a list of exercises you’re never going to do. You just read them all, feel motivated for about two minutes and then get back to having that piece of cake or fries. Why? Well, because for one, the names and terms mentioned sound pretty much like Latin to you or that they all mean lifting your fat-accumulated backside and head to the gym. And if you ask me, nothing brings monotony into workout better than the G-word. But just because you can’t hit the gym, does not mean you flush those cardio plans down the toilets. Here are six easy and fun to do cardio workouts that need you to be nowhere near the gym.


1)     Climb up stairs

Even the simplest form of workout requires you to get off that couch and out. Every building has a fairly big set of staircase. And even if you don’t live in a building, or your home doesn’t have stairs, I’m pretty sure your workplace has one. They are there for a purpose. Use them. The elevators will continue to survive without your presence too. Climbing stairs is the cheapest and the simplest form of cardio. All it needs is for you to arrive at work a few minutes earlier than usual.


2)     Hit sledgehammer on a tire

Whether you need to vent out frustration or just need a unique way to workout, sledgehammer hitting is the best way to go. All you need is a backyard or a courtyard, or just some open space, a previous car tire and a sledgehammer. Start off with ten strikes on one minute, for ten minutes. And later move on to 20 strikes on one minute, for ten minutes. You’ll be surprised how effective this is.


3)     Carry weighted rucksack

This is yet another simple activity that comes heavily loaded with cardio. Load up a small rucksack with some weight- say, 15kg (30 lbs.)- tied to a pillow and set out for a brisk walk around the block. Executing this is no rocket science and is far more beneficial as compared to the normal brisk walking.


4)     Hill sprints

For those with a thing for adventure and nature, this is the most enjoyable way to get your fair share of cardio. If you have a hill nearby or a short drive away, make the most of it by an early morning sprint through the hills, becoming one with the sights and sounds of nature. It’s healthy, refreshing, enjoyable and therapeutic. Now, who does not enjoy that!?


5)     Swim!

Either they don’t exist or I lack social skills, but honestly, I’m yet to meet someone who does not enjoy swimming for reasons apart from being victims of vanity. A good swim means putting your whole body through pressure instead of just one specific part. And it’s comparatively less injury-prone too. Find access to a 25 yard pool, swim two laps using freestyle stroke. Rest for 20 seconds, then do two laps using backstroke. Again rest 20 seconds and repeat the process for a total of five rounds.


6)     Kettle bell around the body

This is another simple, do-it-at-home workout that requires only a kettle-bell or an equally heavy object. Stand with your feet slightly apart and start passing the kettle-bell around your body. Like swimming, even this is a full-body exercise that puts the shoulders, core, hips and glutes through some really coming-of-age like taxing! However, don’t drop it on your foot or let it hit your body. Our mission is to get fitter, not land in an emergency room.


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