HCG Weight Loss Program: How does it Work?

Posted by Tiffany Weekes
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HCG weight loss program is earning its fame with the tremendous media attention it is getting lately. If you will try to type ‘HCG’ on the search bar of your favorite search engine nowadays, you will be directed to a myriad of links directing to thousands of online stores and companies selling HCG drops, pills, injections and even transdermal lotions. You may overwhelmed by the vast amount of information regarding the HCG weight loss program.


A lot of people who wanted to lose weight are not getting the results they want because they do not fully understand the mechanism of the diet they are trying. If you are planning to undergo the HCG weight loss program, you need to acquaint yourself with the basic principles governing this diet plan. You do not simple follow the diet without knowing the rationale behind the steps. By knowing how HCG actually helps you burn fat and lose weight, you will be able to perform the steps more accurately and you are more likely to obtain your desired results.


First and foremost, you need to know what HCG is. HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is a glycoprotein hormone that is found in great amounts among pregnant women. Women who are in non-pregnant states typically have a very low amount of HCG in their body. During pregnancy, the amount of HCG in their bodies increases tremendously to help them burn fats and direct it towards the placenta to support the growing fetus. In this way, the fetus gets substantial amount of heat and nutrition even if the mother is not taking in sufficient amounts of calories that is needed by her body and the growing fetus.


In 1950’s a scientist named Dr. A.T.W Simeons used HCG in treating Froelich’s syndrome among adolescent males. The participants of his study are experiencing delay in the maturation of sex organs accompanied by rapid weight gain. After some time of using HCG to treat their condition, Dr. Simeon noticed that not only the delay of their sex organs’ maturation was treated; the participants also lost a significant amount of weight. This discovery inspired Dr. Simeon to conduct more trials to prove his theory. Later on, he wrote the book entitled ‘Pounds and Inches” which now serve as a guide on how to undergo the HCG weight loss program.


There are several HCG weight loss products sold nowadays. Pure concentrated forms are available via injections which are prescribed by doctors. Homeopathic sublingual HCG drops, sprays and pills are being manufactured by several companies. These over the counter HCG products are usually diluted and mixed with other ingredients that can add to the potency of the HCG once absorbed into the bloodstream.


The most common form of HCG weight loss product that can be purchased nowadays is the sublingual drops. You use it by putting certain number of drops under the tongue. The reason why it is administered sublingually is because the area beneath the tongue is highly vascularized or containing a lot of thin-walled blood vessels. The drops are being absorbed easily and go right away into the bloodstream when introduced sublingually in comparison to taking it via pills.

Diet and Nutrition

hcg Diet and Nutrition (Photo credit: fantasyhealthball)


The HCG weight loss program comprises of 44 days. Two days are allotted for the Loading phase wherein you will need to consume 1500-2000 calories while taking a certain number of drops of HCG solution. Next will be the Maintenance phase wherein you have to undergo the VLCD which means that the maximum amount of calories you are allowed to consume is only 500 calories. You will have to take sublingual drops during this phase. Lastly would be the Stabilization phase wherein you stop taking the drops and you slowly increase your calorie intake. From 500 calories, you can now take in 800-1000 calories per day during the last phase of the HCG weight loss program.

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