5 Sites to Better Organize Your Health Records

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Unless you have a superhuman memory, you likely have a hard time with answering many questions your physician wants to know. Your parents likely knew that one of your grandparents had a certain disease or illness, but you might not have any way of remembering what it was called. Fortunately, we have found four sites to help you better organize your health records, so you can refer your doctor to these rather than having to try and remember the detailed facts yourself.


My MediConnect

My MediConnect makes it easy for you to upload and store all of your health records. In fact, you do not even have to enter the stuff yourself as the company will contact your physician and get the information. Then, if you ever become sick or injured while away from home, a physician in the area you are currently in will have quick and easy access to all of your records.


My Family Health Portrait

Another option you have is My Family Health Portrait. Like the name implies, you will be able to store a “picture” of your and your family’s health records, which can be accessed by any physician provided they have your permission to do so. This organizer is also available in three languages, which include Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. It is easy to upload, save and revise your health history.


Mother Knows

Just like the old adage, “mother knows best,” this site is no exception. This site is geared more towards storing your children’s records, which is very important because you likely have a hard enough time in remembering your own medical history. They contact your physician and get your patient information, so you do not have to do a thing. The other nice thing about this program is that you can also access it on your mobile phone via their smartphone application.


Microsoft Health Vault

If it involves efficiency and technology, you likely already know that Microsoft is one of the leaders, and their Health Vault organizer is no exception. You will find that this program makes it easy to upload and store all of your health records for quick access by you or your physician. The app also allows you to manage prescriptions and medical conditions you may suffer from.



Even if you are able to remember everything your physician needs to know, errors can still be made. You can avoid possible confusion with this organizer. It makes it easy to store your information in a secure manner, as well.

By using any of the aforementioned sites, you will find that organizing medical records has never been easier. They all have their unique set of benefits, so you will find the perfect one for you.


About Author: Gay Threadgill is a medical representative working for a large pharmaceutical in Boston. He draws his inspiration in medical tourism through Satori World Medical. Follow him @GayThreadgill1



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