Losing Weight Through Natural Therapy

Posted by Tiffany Weekes
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A combination of yoga and ayurvedic is a very popular effective weight loss therapy. In this way you heal both body as well as mind. Mostly such therapies are designed for three to six weeks. The first part of this therapy includes massage for obesity and weight loss with herbal medicines. A paste of herbs is made and then applied to the body for massage. This massage therapy is done for an hour daily by, two people. This involves a very deep massage. This not only reduces weight, but also makes the body and mind fresh. This massage reduces cellulite and also makes skin very fresh by removing toxins thus toning the skin. The therapy is very effective for women after the birth of a child, as it does not contain any drug intake. The therapy is also called as Udvartana in traditional Indian language. Lots of people around the globe are following the therapy and are getting good results.

The second part of this effective weight loss therapy includes yoga and meditation. Special yoga postures or asana are practiced by people who are registered here. They are first taught these postures and then they keep on doing it for a specific time-period. This therapy of yoga is combined with meditation and various meditation techniques are also taught to the registered people. The practices of yoga can be done for 10 to 14 hours a day. This is not only effective for reducing weight, but also makes the body very energetic and fresh to carry the daily routines.

The third part of this effective weight loss therapy includes special cooking for a diet plan. This plan varies from person to person according to the physical condition. The process is monitored by the ayurvedic specialist. All recipes include natural and organic diet. People are taught which food combination is good for them and how it should be eaten. The food is taken after a few hours of cooking thus teaching patients that non fresh food can be harmful for the body. Even it is also taught in this therapy that what we should take after weight loss in order to maintain it.

The fourth part of this therapy includes exercise and walk being called a nature walk. This is the most effective part of the therapy for healthy people. This is called a nature walk because the walk is done around the natural green area. Hiking and running is also done here. And the area covers a long distance in miles. You can enjoy sky, the wind, birds and animals along with greenery. Who will not love such a natural therapy on daily-basis, thus leaving a very good psychological effect on everybody here? This is the main reason of making such therapy centers in such natural areas. But apart from everything the best part of the therapy is to develop certain goals for people by which they can maintain a healthy weight after the whole program. You can even follow all such therapies at home from time to time.


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