Overcome Depression With Relaxation Techniques

Posted by Tiffany Weekes
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Depression is a medical condition that needs immediate attention.  Unlike other ailments, many of the physical manifestations of depression are more often overlooked.  This further worsens the situation and would require more effort to overcome.  When identified in the beginning stages, depression can be cured with less or no medication and help is available from health professionals.  When left unattended, depression brings about emotional and physical damage.

Some of the common symptoms of depression are fatigue and general lack of interest in daily life.  A person feels drained out constantly.  This could be a temporary phase, if you are going through some stressful time at work or at home.  But if it persists it needs attention.  The next noticeable symptom is insomnia or disturbed sleep pattern.  With this symptom, automatically fatigue sets in.  The body is going to be tired too.  The opposite of too much sleep is also a symptom of depression.  The other symptoms would include social withdrawal, continuous unexplained sadness.  People who are depressed do not want to socialize and withdraw into a shell.  They seem to be lost even in the midst of company, generally avoiding all kinds of social interaction.  Some people get into a very negative approach towards life.  They are constantly whining about the negatives that happen to them and take them very personally.  It may be because of some situation that they are in, but it ends up as a chain reaction, and they are not able to enjoy the positive moments.  Another major symptom of depression would be change in appetite.  Different people react to food differently when they are depressed.  Some of them over eat, while others abstain from food, both of which cause physical damage to the body.

Medical science has reached a stage where it can screen people to find out if they are susceptible to depression even before the manifestation of any symptoms.  This further helps people to be conscious of the possibilities of getting depressed and steer clear from it.  Knowledge of any family history of depressionwill help in such cases.  With help



available, depression can be avoided by following simple relaxation techniques.

Any routine and systematic distraction to your body and mind will help it relax.  It could be a physical activity of your choice.  Take up a sport or enroll yourself in a fitness club or group in your locality.  This will take care of your physical exercise and at the same time keeps you in touch with a social group.  It works wonders to change your mood.  Yoga and meditation have proven to have a very calming effect on the mind.  When done together, they offer both physical and mental relaxation.  Yoga can be practiced at home regularly.  Meditation involves channelizing your thoughts in one direction.  It helps you block depressing and unwanted thoughts, in turn blocking any triggers of depression.

Breath is the source of all life.  Concentrate and care more for your breathing.  Take deep breaths to fill your lungs with oxygen and relax your entire body.  This can be done for a few minutes in between jobs.  Let your mind wander.  It is believed senses help a great lot in alleviating mood.  Look at something that you like, touch and feel something close to your heart or just eat any of your favorite foods to change your mood.

Relaxation and depression are interlinked, relax and you will be free of depression. Different relaxation techniques work for different people.  Choose one that suits your best.  Alternative therapy is found to work wonders in dealing with depression.


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