5 Great Apps for Weight Loss

Posted by Tiffany Weekes
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Losing weight and being healthy is more than just a fad, it is a way to a more fulfilling, productive life. There are many ways to lose weight, from cardio training, weight training to simply monitoring calorie intake. An essential step to losing weight is being able to track progress and adjust goals as you go.


Just about everyone has a smartphone or a tablet. The days of taking a notebook and pen to the gym are coming to a close. Many useful apps out there can do more than just keep track of sets and reps, they can calculate calorie intake and compare with how many calories are burned.  With this ability it is much easier to monitor goals and help users stay on track. Here are a few cool apps that can help meet weight loss goals, in no particular order.


 Lose It!

This is a great app that calculates both calorie intake and output. It also connects to social networks so friends can track progress and help motivate while on you’re on your journey. It also has its own support community for fellow users to offer support. There are a ton of workouts available to track, plus you are able to create your own custom workouts to add to your daily log. But another great feature of this app is the ability to scan bar codes of food you buy at the local grocery store. This helps track accurate calorie intake. It displays nutritional info from a huge online database so buyers can make a healthy decision.



This slick app helps examine non-healthy foods by cutting down time on research. Scan a barcode and it will display calories counts per serving, processing techniques and amounts of excess sugar. Using this app is a huge time saver when you choose to go healthy when shopping for groceries.


My Fitness Pal

By taking your weight, height, goal weight and lifestyle into account, this app breaks down the process into smaller monthly goals. You can also check out nutritional information from local restaurants to help decide where you are going to eat out, as well as share progress with friends.



If you are a runner, biker or walker this app is for you. It uses Google Maps to track your route and keep track of results.  Every time you break a mile, it announces progress to yourself and to designated friends in order to help motivate. You can upgrade the app to work with Polar heart rate monitors to ensure you keep a healthy heart rate while blazing down your latest fitness trail.


Eat This, Not That! The Game

This app is a fun game that not only kills time, but educates users on healthy food choices. It displays two similar food products and forces the user to make a choice. Both sets of nutritional information are then shown, and the results can at time me surprising.


These apps are a good way to not only learn nutritional information about what you eat, but to track how many calories you burn in any given day. You can use the apps to find what is working and what adjustments should be made to ensure your weight loss goals are met.


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