Are you Sick of You Saggy Man Boobs

Posted by Tiffany Weekes
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We know that many men are big fans of breasts on women, but they aren’t so delighted by the thought of having breasts themselves. Looking at the figures from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) it’s clear that more and more men are now turning to plastic surgery to rid themselves of their unsightly and embarrassing man boobs, which are sometimes also known as “moobs”.

Moobs come about because of a medical condition called gynaecomastia. This describes the fatty deposits which form around the pectoral muscles. The condition can develop for a variety of reasons, not all of which are self-inflicted. Consultant Plastic Surgeon Nigel Mercer, who is the president of BAAPS argues that there are many reasons why men are getting bigger breasts than ever before. Apart from the obvious rise in obesity, and increased levels of alcohol that are consumed by men, there are also thought to be more female hormones present in our environment than ever before. This excess of oestrogen causes an imbalance of hormones in men. There is a theory that women taking the contraceptive pill are to blame for this, as they urinate excess hormone which enters the water system, and is eventually then consumed by men. Another common cause of moobs is smoking marijuana. Marijuana is tied to increasing metabolism and appetite, the problem is, it also increases fat storage around the pectoral area. This correlation drastically increases the vulnerability to gynecomastia. However there are ways to fix this.

Diet and exercise are not therefore very effective at reducing male breast size and so surgery has become a popular option for this distressing condition, perhaps increasing in line with the press coverage given to celebrities who suffer from it. Male celebrities like Simon Cowell and Michael Douglas have found themselves to be the target of ridicule when photographed topless.

BAAPS figures indicate a rise of 27 per cent in the amount of men undergoing surgery for breast reductions in the last year. This is compared to a general rise of 18 per cent for male plastic surgery.

An increase in the amount of men turning to surgery is attributed to the general more widespread acceptance of plastic surgery. Thankfully for men they no longer feel they have to put up with a body shape that causes them distress and more of them are realising that surgery can enhance their lives and increase their confidence.

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    Great artilce I am someone who have been trying to get rid of my chest fat for years and strugling this artilce did help.

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