2 Weeks Pregnant – Symptoms, Changes and Treatments

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2 Weeks Pregnant – Symptoms

2 weeks pregnant – What’s changing for you?

You are 2 weeks pregnant and you have just finished your last period. Though sometimes it is difficult for you to know that you are expecting but this is the perfect time for conceiving.  A layer of endometrium is building inside your uterus and it is to cushion your coming baby. It will also nourish the little one in your womb. It is also the week when about 20 eggs or ova are started to ripe in your ovaries. These eggs have also begun to occupy those fluid filled sacs which are called follicles.

In simple words it can be said that this is the week of ovulation and fertilization. Every month a single follicle matures and it ruptures by releasing one egg from your ovary, which will finally reach to your fallopian tube to wait for its fertilization. You may probably know that this process of egg release is called ovulation. After it gets fertilized the zygote will now come to a fallopian tube toward your uterus. A cluster of cells will also form when the zygote will start to divide rapidly.


2 Weeks Pregnant – Tips to Treat

It is completely your choice to select the practitioner for your pregnancy. You can choose and start making appointments with your family practitioner, an obstetrician, or a nurse. You can also ask your mother or your sister or your close friend about a practitioner with whom you may consult.

What will be your diet in this week? Well as for now you can go on with your regular diet but it is highly necessary that you skip all those junk foods and spice foods. Instead start taking fresh fruits and vegetables, good sources of omega 3 fatty acids, protein, rich fiber foods like whole grains, dried fruits and nuts. All these nutritious foods will not only help your body to remain healthy but they will also pave the way for having a healthy baby.



Also, drink plenty of water and fresh fruit juices. Definitely you will say ‘NO’ in a firm way to all the late night parties and smoking and drinking when you are at your 2 weeks pregnant. If you can’t go without a glass of wine after dinner, try to turn that glass of wine into a glass of cocktail. A mocktail is also good but that you can take at any time of the day you want.

You can also start doing light but effective exercises, particularly the kegels which are going to help you in the coming days of your pregnancy. So, enjoy your 2 weeks pregnant stage and starting planning for the new one’s life.


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