Do Teeth Define Your Personality [Infographic]

Posted by Tiffany Weekes
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A smile can say so much. The meaning of the smile of the famous Mona Lisa has been debated for centuries, and a simple smile across a room can change a stranger into a friend. Behind each unique smile is a unique set of teeth, and each set can tell us a lot about who someone is and their personality. This informational graphic will tell you all about the teeth in your mouth, the statistics of your dental behaviors, and what your teeth mean. You will learn about what kind of appearance teeth tend to take on in people with different types of personalities and behaviors and the way teeth can demonstrate the age of a person. You can also find out if your grind your teeth and the personality traits and mindsets that can lead to teeth grinding as well as some time related and fiscal statistics about dental care.

[ Via: Carrington College Dental Assisitant Schools ]


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