How to Sleep Better During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a very exciting phase of every woman’s life, but it is also physically demanding. Physical symptoms and emotional changes can affect sleep quality. Sleep problems also become more common as the pregnancy progresses. Around the 15th week of pregnancy, the expectant mother will soon find it hard to sleep on her stomach or back; thus, night-time sleep can become a huge problem. As pregnancy continuous to progress, the soon-to-be mother will have to sleep on her side, but extended side sleeping can lead to back, shoulder, and hip pain- all of these can disrupt sleep.

Getting the right amount of sleep is essential, but the quality of sleep is just as important. Thankfully, there are things that pregnant women can do to prepare for a good night sleep. If you are one of the many pregnant women who suffer from sleepless nights, there are simple tips to help you get better sleep; however, you must keep in mind that no solution will provide you with the kind of sleep you once enjoyed before pregnancy.

Drink Plenty Of Water, But Don’t Overdo It

Staying hydrated throughout your pregnancy is essential; however, you must remember to stop drinking any fluids an hour or so before you sleep. If you overdo it, you will suffer from sleepless nights due to frequent trips to the bathroom. Cutting back on your liquid intake will help you avoid those late night urges.

Sleep On Your Left Side


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Sleeping flat on your back for long hours is not advisable for pregnant women. For this reason, you must start sleeping on your left side, especially during the third trimester. Doing so will result to better blood circulation.

Invest In A Good Mattress

To enjoy better sleep during your pregnancy, you must make sure that your mattress is comfortable and is able to support your entire body. One of the most recommended types of mattress for pregnant women is the memory foam mattress. The memory foam will contour to any body shape, which means that it can provide the perfect amount of comfort and support for expectant mothers. The memory foam is capable of shaping itself perfectly to any form of the body and posture; thus providing you with the right amount of back support and necessary comfort. This type of cushions is manufactured using unique materials. For instance, this cushion has the ability to change its firmness depending on the heat levels of the individual lying on it. This feature is perfect if you are sleeping on your sides. The cushion will adjust its firmness to support the additional weight. With this, you can be free from pain and get an excellent restful sleep at night. Additionally, memory foam is also non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and dust mite resistant which means that it is a very healthy mattress to sleep on.

Remember that there are mattresses, such as coil spring mattresses, that are not advisable for pregnant women, like you. This type of cushion can make body pains worse. The coil spring will push back against the body which will create pressure points. These pressure points will lead to tossing and turning which you won’t be able to do once you are in the later stages of your pregnancy.

Observe Proper Nutrition

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To help you sleep better and maintain good health throughout your pregnancy, you must avoid foods and drinks that are high in sugar, caffeine and alcohol. You must also avoid consuming salty, acidic, or fried foods before going to sleep. Caffeine and alcohol can lead to sleep disturbances. If you are consuming a small amount of caffeine but still find it hard to sleep, cut it out completely. If you are experiencing heart burn, you must wait at least an hour or two before lying down. Another tip is to elevate your head on a comfortable pillow.

These simple tips can help you get better sleep throughout your pregnancy. Remember that sleep is essential, especially since you are sleeping for two.

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The author, Kris Lim, had suffered from sleep problems during her pregnancy but after getting the right mattress for pregnant women, she experienced better sleep. Now, she offers sleeping tips to help expectant mothers get high quality sleep. She also writes for online mattress vendors, such as


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