Weight Loss Through Mind Power

Posted by Tiffany Weekes
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Weight loss through mind power seems strange, but it is true. You can achieve any goal through mind power and imagination. Lots of people are using mind power techniques to get what they want, as money, power, jobs and health. In this process, you need to have concentration, which can be obtained through meditation. As we know meditation can help you to concentrate on what we want. There are many techniques for meditation and you can use any of them that suit you.

Getting something through mind power is based on your subconscious. For example, if you want to reduce weight and you are unable to follow regular routine, then you can do it at subconscious level. So for effective weight loss, while doing meditation gives your mind a suggestion that you will always take healthy and low calorie diet. Similarly imagine yourself in a good body shape and also imagine that you always have balanced diet. If you practice it daily for a short time- period, it will automatically let you have natural diet. As we are what we think, so you can get whatever you want, by constantly switching your thought to that goal.

Similarly EFT is another technique, in which by tapping certain body points, you can direct your body to take balanced and organic diet. You can order yourself through brain to stop craving for chocolates and sugary foods. Likewise reiki is also used for weight reduction. As reiki reduces stress, which further can reduce intake of calories. You can also set goals and consult a miracle coach. A miracle coach is an expert of mind power technique, who can encourage you to think that miracles are possible, that means nothing is impossible, and you can have anything in life. So if you think that you cannot lose weight, then get rid of this limited belief now and start giving positive thoughts to your body and mind.

So for weight loss, imagine that you have already achieved that. Act as if you are in proper body shape and are having fresh fruits and vegetables daily.  Also, imagine yourself doing exercise daily. When you will do this regularly with persistence, you will do the same in real life. As what we are doing is in fact what we are thinking. So you can control your life thus by controlling your mind and thoughts. The more positive you are, healthier you will become. You can make a list of self suggestions for weight loss. As you can give a suggestion to your mind that, I always take proper diet and I am becoming slim and smart by taking a balanced diet’. Start doing it by making small goals and then after achieving these goals, you can make large goals. Whatever you do, follow it daily along with regular exercise. Similarly the best time for giving suggestions to your mind is before sleeping, as mind can act on this plan while sleeping. This is how you can reduce weight through mind power.


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