1 Week Pregnant Symptoms, Changes, and Treatments

Posted by Tiffany Weekes
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Pregnancy is that phase of a woman’s life which gives her the beautiful feeling of womanhood. From the 1 week pregnant stage to the last week or third or final trimester of pregnancy, your body will undergo several changes with the development of your baby, from a fetus to a complete baby. Each stage of pregnancy is important with some typical features related with the same. The same goes for the 1 Week Pregnant cycle. There are some features, symptoms and changes common in 1 Week Pregnancy related with your baby and your body.

Changes, symptoms, and signs of pregnancy are not same in all pregnant women and they vary from person to person. Even, development of the baby also varies. Here are those signs, symptoms, developments and changes discussed which are considered as ‘in general’.

1 Week Pregnant – Symptoms

Like changes too there are relatively less symptoms in this stage than the other cycles of pregnancy. One of the most common 1 Week Pregnant symptoms is mild cramping. This cramp can affect on any one side or sometimes both sides of the stomach. If you are feeling tired, dizzy, exhausted, or even you faint due to low blood pressure, do not worry and talk to your practitioner. All these are common symptoms of 1 Week Pregnant cycle.

You can also feel to nauseate and bloate. Take some preventive measures but of course, you should first consult with your doc and take her advice. Another common symptom related with the 1 Week Pregnant stage is increasing sensitivity of smell. You may feel sleepy all day long.



1 Week Pregnant- What’s changing for you?

Though your body will not notice some significant physical changes but you may feel tenderness in your breasts and witness a change in your breast size. There are chances of blood veins’ visibility on your breasts. Even, you may have feelings of little tension, sometimes unbearable, in the area. You may also suffer from mood swings and feel frustrated or depressed. You may go to the loo more often than ever before.

Like physical appearances changes you will also have from some internal changes. Some of the most common internal changes related with the 1 Week Pregnant cycle is irregularity of the menstrual cycle. The lining of the uterine will also start to build. It will thicken so that it can receive the egg, which will attach to the lining of the uterus in the seventh day of your pregnancy.

1 Week Pregnant – Tips to treat

Try to maintain a proper and balanced diet, which includes healthy and nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is always advisable that you should consult with your gynecologist to write down your diet chart for your preconception stage, which is the other name of 1 Week Pregnant stage. Taking prenatal multivitamins which include essential minerals, folic acid, and vitamins – the musts for pregnancy, is really effective. So, do not forget to take those. You must say ‘NO’ to smoking, drinking and all those over-the-counter drugs at this stage to ensure a healthy pregnancy.


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