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5 Big Fitness Myths

5 Big Fitness Myths And The Reason Why 99% Of Beginners Never Achieve Their Goals

A lot of people have this huge goal of looking like a cover model and it’s easy for everyone to achieve, but it does take some effort. Just because you will get there if you put the work in doesn’t take away the nee...

Drop Sets

Getting the Most out of Drop Sets

Why do we workout? The simple answer is to get in better shape. Now whether that shape is larger, thinner, more toned more athletic, or something else really depends on the individual. How can we get in better shape? Regardless...

Bodybuilding Techniques 21

Lost Bodybuilding Techniques – 21’s

One of my favorite things about bodybuilding is the wide variety of techniques created and used to get your body in the best shape possible. Having been in the iron game for years my bag is literally bursting with different way...