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Physical Exercise

Why Physical Exercise Is Great For The Mind As Well As The Body

We all know we should be a little more fit, and we don’t want to nag, but you really should try! It’s not just about keeping your body at peak performance. Yes it is great for a healthy body and for keeping the pounds off t...

How Many Hours Should I Sleep

How Many Hours Should I Sleep?

It is obvious that our bodies need rest in order to function properly. If we don’t rest our concentration levels drop, our moods get cloudy, and physically we just don’t feel up to much. So it’s a given that rest is a nec...

How to Sleep Better During Pregnancy

How to Sleep Better During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very exciting phase of every woman’s life, but it is also physically demanding. Physical symptoms and emotional changes can affect sleep quality. Sleep problems also become more common as the pregnancy prog...