History of How the World Slept

Posted October 31, 2012 by Tiffany Weekes in Infographics
Imagine you were alive 5000, 500, or even 50 years ago. Have you ever wondered how you have slept at night back then? Most likely, if you were a “caveman”, you would have slept on the ground in a cave with an animal skin for warmth if you were lucky. By the Renaissance era, people had developed the idea of stuffed mattresses, but they were often filled with materials like straw or husks. In the 20th century, mattress technology evolved rapidly, with the spread of spring mattresses, waterbeds, and foam mattresses. Today, you may enjoy a comfortable night’s rest on a memory foam or latex mattress, showing how far people have come. Take a look the “How the World Slept” infographic from Astrabeds and learn how our ancestors slumbered!

This Infographic on How the World Slept is strategized by viral Content Specialist Kim Tyrone Agapito for One Mall Group.